KDMR Music Signs New Client: Luke Nine

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KDMR Music has just signed Luke Nine to its artist management roster. Luke Nine is an emcee, author and visual artist whose mission is presenting “Raw Truth through Authentic Expression.”  Luke’s music offers a unique point of view and speaks primarily to an audience he is very familiar with – high school students. Luke is currently a full-time teacher in Raleigh, NC. Of the younger generation he states:  “They are the legacy that we leave and the voice of tomorrow, and they need to know that not every influence wants to pull them in the wrong direction.”

KDMR Founder Brandon Jackson offered this statement on the signing:

“I have gotten to know Luke over the last few months and have fallen in love with his mission. I am glad to use the knowledge, resources and influence we have here at KDMR Music to help Luke bring glory to the Kingdom of God and help to save the next generation. He is a great addition to our family.”

Check out Luke Nine’s official website and stream last year’s “Paradigm EP” here: http://kdmr.us/lukenine

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