KDMR Music is an online education company and Digital Marketing agency for independent musicians.

We teach musicians how to build sustainable businesses, then help them use the power of marketing to grow their audience size, musical reach and profits.


Just starting out as an artist? Need advice on your next steps? We’ll help get you out of that “hobby” phase and build a solid foundation for a healthy, sustainable career. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll be well on your way.

As a management client, KDMR Music makes an valuable investment into the success of your career. You’ll be assigned an agent who will be available to you at all times. We’ll not only map out your goals, but we will use our resources and network to help you achieve them. As your official representation, we will sit shotgun and serve as the navigator through your journey.

The biggest hurdle of any artist’s career is learning how to market themselves. I want 10,000 fans, but how do I get there? Do I really need social media? What’s branding? We’ll show you how to get value out of even the smallest group of supporters, and help you gain access to more.


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