How to Submit to Spotify Playlists

How to Submit to Spotify Editorial Playlists with Spotify for Artists

One thought on “How to Submit to Spotify Playlists

  1. My name is Gilad, I’m an Artist (My artist’s name is Gili Brown)
    I saw you videos on youtube. they are very helpful. thank you so much!
    I’ve got a question please if that’s ok.
    I’m working with a writer that writing the lyrics of my songs, and I do all the rest.
    I pay her for every song. Additionally, I need to give her 1/3 % of royalties. (If I get it right it’s a 1/3 of songwriting credit)
    I’m a member of BMI so I register my songs there. (and the songs are signed on a label).
    My question is: if I wanna sign up with Disrokid or Tunecore and start to release my music by myself without labels,
    do I need to give my writer 1/3 of my royalties also on Distrokid?
    Or Just register the songs on BMI and she will get it from there?
    And if I keep releasing my songs with labels, so do I need to give my writer
    1/3 % of any money I’m getting from them?
    Thank you for your help!!
    All the best!

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